My name is Max Wang, and this is a blog about me and some of the things I think about that I also happen to write down. If you were looking to find posts about some subject in particular, you’ll probably be disappointed unless that subject you had in mind was the stuff in my brain.

There’s some okay stuff in there, though.


I’m a recent graduate of Harvard with a degree in computer science. While not coding or reading CS papers (or just “chilling”, which I’m sure I did more of), I also studied mathematics, linguistics, and chemistry—in roughly descending order of diligence—and I continue to do all these things regularly, though not generally all at the same time. I also enjoy writing (mostly exposition and autobiographical fiction), and I’m a musician, with some degree of competency in classical sax, some degree of incompetency in piano, and some degree of ownership of an acoustic guitar.

I am a proud alum of the Center for Talented Youth and am the maintainer of RealCTY, the CTY wiki; I also held the Duck there. I was a member of the Harvard University Band in all my four years at Harvard and conducted the Band in my final semesters. I am currently an avid Pokemon Go player, and I help run Valor of Boston, one of Boston’s biggest PoGo communities.

I hoard my own data and have kept all the schoolwork I’ve produced since middle school (and much of it from earlier) organized into collections of binders, bins, and hard drives—so I suppose it’s impressive that I’ve never worked at Google. I like playing board games, but, probably like most people, I spend more time chatting with friends or poking the Internet, and I’m just totally okay with that. My other interests include orange juice, apple juice, metal clipboards, stuffed animals, and speaking with a loud voice.

If given the choice, I’d choose this life to live again every time.

Some prime real estate for some stuff I like.


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